Thursday, August 10, 2006

Security Lockdown - Current Focus On Ban on Liquids May Pass Pistols:

Impossible! One might think, but with all the recent focus on banning perfume and shampoo alike, officials warn that TSA Inspectors are alert to look for more traditional contraband, like hand guns, box cutters and the like.

Image Source: Snapsoid


Security Lockdown - What Not to Carry On Flights:

Airports have begun to send back handmade contraptions like this one. Officials said that such items must be sent in your checked baggage, but travelers are rebuffed at the first checkpoint. At primary inspection, be prepared to show your identification and travel documents if asked for them.

Voted Best: Peter Murphy, Australia

Security Lockdown - Planet Earth

Security is tight as airports sniff out domestic bred enemies of freedom by cross indexing dromedary registration records with a expired student visa data base to sniff out terrorists as they enter the airport's main viaduct, and utility access gates.
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