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Business Opportunity!

Business Opportunity!  Originally uploaded by paul.malon

Would you like to get rich by selling soft serve ice cream?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Live Bodies For Sale

Live Bodies For Sale... Originally uploaded by glen.h
from Popular Science October 1939
Oh boy!Wouldn't that be swell
I'll tell you what I will do though, I will take away that scrawny body of yours and whip it into shape just like I have done for myself and so many others. Do you want big muscles and a huge robust body? My book "Puissant Body Building" is absolutely FREE.

TOMMY LOUGHRANDept. 82, 4S. 15th/Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Truth About Lee Harvey Oswald's Murder

Pictures of You - Teaser
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Via Flickr:
This is a teaser image from PICTURES OF YOU, a short comic Felipe Sobreiro is slooowly drawing. It's the third time he's collaborating with Juan Arteaga, with whom they did years ago the very popular NEW ADVENTURES OF SIGMUND FREUD. This one will be only a few pages long but Sobreiro is very happy to be working with Juan once again!

Hunting Bears

hunting poo
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Promotional material created for

Electronic Home Recorder

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Make your own records at home ! Used by schools. Immediate playback. Mail to friends. Makes 33, 45, of 78 rpm records (any speed). Low price because it uses any phonograph turn-table. No wiring. No connections. Recording unit (arm, guide, & electro-magnetic cutting stylus). electric,Studio Microphone, cutting needle, 3 blank records. Portable carrying case 10x15x4". Money back guarantee.
Set Postpaid $14.95.
Extra Blank Records #1.98 Pkg. of 5

Johnson Smith & Co., Dept.595, Detroit 7, Mich.
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