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Television of the Future, Truly Portable

Research Makes The Difference
World's lightest,all-transistorized, direct-view, truly portable TV.

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Shoebox Clown - Edwards Shoes 1955

Edwards Shoes
Originally uploaded by Glen Mullaly

Detail from an Edwards "THE Shoes for Children" ad, Good Housekeeping Magazine August 1955.

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Wake Up Your Scalp with Vita Brush

... sleeping scalp?
Originally uploaded by x-ray delta one

Want better looking hair? Embarrassed by falling dandruff, itching scap? Get the new VITABRUSH, the electric-automatic brush with built-in brush head motor...

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Eshelman Rocket Boat

Not A Rocket
Originally uploaded by paul.malon

  • Airtight compartments prevent sinking
  • 14 ft. - Holds 4 Adults
  • Leakproof, 16 Gauge all Steel construction.
  • Write for Free Literature

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Low Cost! Blow Yourself Up!

Blow Yourself Up!
Originally uploaded by glen.h

Brilliant, full color photographic posters from any color photo. Great room decoration, gift idea.

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A Wrinkle! I'm Getting Old!

BUT LADY.."dishpan hands" make
you look older than a wrinkle does!!

"Middle-aged hands" often make people add three to five years to your age... yet it's easy to guard against those criss-cross wrinkles on your knuckles, that coarsening of the skin... Protect your hands in the dishpan. Don't use ordinary washday soaps for dishes - they weren't made to protect sensitive skin. But IVORY SOAP was. Give your hands a gentle Ivory bath every time you wash dishes - you'll be surprised how nice your hands stay. Another surprise -- Ivory Soap actually costs less to use for dishs than washday chips and powders! So make Ivory your dishwashing soap today. Ask for practical "Large Size" Ivory.

Keep your Hands Young
... wash dishes with IVORY SOAP

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Reach For Greater Protection!

Topper_Jan1963_Vol13_No10_025  Originally uploaded by it's better than bad

From Topper Jan 1963 Vol 13, No10 025
REACH!  For Greater Protection !
.38 S & W Caliber - 6 shot - Snub Nose
Designed for quick draw! The ideal weapon for the plain clothes detective or personal protection. Fires powerful .38 S & W ammunition available anywhere. Revolvers GUARANTEED New or Excellent Condition.

$19.50 Limited Offer
Send only $10.00 deposit -- Balance C.O.D.

WEAPONS, Dept 1433
5880 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood 28, Calif.

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Honky Tonk Nights, 1978

Those were the nights. those... Honky Tonk Nights
Introducing Carol Doda - winner of the 1979 Dolly Parton Look Alike Contest.

also starring Ramblin' Jack Eliot, Georgina Spelvin, Serena Suzanne Meyers, Dan Carter, Bermuda Schwartz, De Wood, Jim Haynie, and The Hotlicks.
A cinematic  release, in color.
Written by Arthur Chang and Charles Webb, Directed by Charles Webb.
Rated R

Image via     ... honkin' the tonks!   Originally uploaded to flickr by x-ray delta one

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Good Bye Tony Curtis

Tony Curtis (June 3, 1925 – September 29, 2010) was an American film actor. He played a variety of roles, from light comedy, such as the musician on the run from gangsters in Some Like It Hot, to serious dramatic roles, such as an escaped convict in The Defiant Ones, which earned him a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Actor. From 1949, he appeared in more than 100 films and made frequent television appearances.
source: Wikipedia

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Maxim Silencer

Don't Wake the Dog
Originally uploaded by LisaGenius


Made possible by the wonderful MAXIM SILENCER

See your dealer or fill in the blank below, mail to us at once, and we will send by return mail a full guaranteed .22 cal. silencer for a Christmas Present that will Shoot Quietly and which you can attach immediately.


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CANDEX "Will grow hair on an egg"

The Egg Crisis Deepens
Originally uploaded by

Absolutely harmless and marvelously efficacious. Invigorates Hair and Scalp. Positively guaranteed to cure Dandruff, prevents Baldness, and promotes growth and beauty of Eyebrows. Price, 50 cents (money order preferred). Address

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Happy Birthday R.Crumb

Robert Dennis Crumb (born August 30, 1943) — known as R. Crumb — is an American artist and illustrator recognized for the distinctive style of his drawings and his critical, satirical, subversive view of the American mainstream.

Crumb was a founder of the underground comix movement and is regarded as its most prominent figure. Though one of the most celebrated of comic book artists, Crumb's entire career has unfolded outside the mainstream comic book publishing industry. One of his most recognized works is the "Keep on Truckin'" comic, which became a widely distributed fixture of pop culture in the 1970s. Others are the characters Devil Girl, Fritz the Cat, and Mr. Natural.
source: Robert Crumb on Wikipedia

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Lunar Exploration Suit 1960

In this September 1960 photo, Allyn B. “Hap” Hazard wears a space suit he designed. Hap was a Senior Development Engineer in the Missile Engineering Section of JPL in 1959 when he wrote a plan for manned space exploration. JPL was transitioning from missiles to space exploration, and Hap had a lot of ideas about the subject. In March 1961, Hap left JPL to work at Aerojet, and presumably to work on the suit and his other inventions. In addition to the suit, he designed and built a hydrofoil boat and a snow making machine during his time at JPL.

It doesn’t appear that the suit was ever an official JPL project, and very little documentation exists in the JPL Archives except for the photographs and his report, which includes a disclaimer, “The views expressed in this paper are those of the writer ….” The Section 352 online photo album includes a series of photos and drawings of his Lunar Exploration Space Suit Mark 1 and plans for a moonmobile that could be controlled from the dashboard inside the suit.

After Hap left JPL, he and the suit appeared or were mentioned in Life magazine, Boys Life, and the Syracuse Post-Standard. An Experimental Engineering class at UCLA studied the suit, and Mattel created an astronaut toy that wore a replica of it. Even today there are many web sites that include the story of Hap Hazard, his space suit, and Major Matt Mason (the toy).

Photo NASA / Jet Propulsion Laboratory Archive

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It's so easy to shape your nose

... painlessly and permanently!
Originally uploaded by x-ray delta one

Corrects all ill-shaped noses quickly, painlessly and permanently. Over 100,000 satisfied users. For years recommended by Physicians.

M. Trilety, 2118 Rex House, 45, Hatt on Garden, London, E.C.1.

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Use Rat Corn

Good-Bye Mr. Rat
Originally uploaded by LisaGenius

Newspaper Ad, 1916

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Fistfull of Beans

A Fistfull of Beans
Originally uploaded by LisaGenius

Snider Pork and Beans, Newspaper Ad, 1906.

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Free! How to Eat and Grow Thin!

Read "Fat Boy's Diet in your AFRO!
Get "Fat Boy's" Amazing "Calorie Counter"

Fat Boy's Diet Originally uploaded by LisaGenius

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Rat Bis=Kit

1902 ad published in "The Delineator" (subtitled "A Journal of Fashion, Culture, and Fine Arts") an American women's magazine printed from 1873 until 1937 by the Butterick Publishing Company.
via sixpounder on flickr

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Bashful? "Shame on you!"

Advertisement published in the March 1929 issue of Physical Culture magazine.

Bashful? "Shame on you!" Are you nervous, embarrassed in company of the other sex? Stop being shy of strangers. Conquer the terrible fear of your superiors. Be cheerful and confident of your future! Your faults easily overcome so you can enjoy life to the fullest. Send 25c. for this amazing book.


B-13Flatiron Bldg. New York

Bashful? Well Stop It!! Originally uploaded by clotho98

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Canon IV-S2 from 1955

Originally uploaded by old school paul

1/1000 Second Shutter Speed, Fully Synchronized.

There is no magic behind the success of the Canon camera. It is simply the result of Canon's superior design and workmanship. Each Canon camera, each of the many superlative Canon lenses will demonstrate this face beyond question.

Supplied with 50mm f:3.5, f:1.8 or f:1.5 Canon lens. Also available is a large selection of wide-angle and telephoto lenses and other accessories. The only 35mm camera simple enough for the amateur, versatile enough for the advanced professional.

Originally from LIFE, January 10, 1955.

What did Minneapolis Police Detectives Look Like in 1903?

Minneapolis Police Detectives, 1903
Originally uploaded by
John McNab

This photo shows us what Minneapolis Police Detectives looked like in 1903.

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Wonder Sauna Long Hot Pants

Reduces Waist, Tummy, Hips & Thighs.

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Home Microphone

1950 - Home Microphone Originally uploaded by clotho98

from Trail Blazer's Almanac and Pioneer Guide Book, 1950:
Amazing New Type HOME MICROPHONE Lets you TALK & Sing through your radio. Easily Attached to Any Radio in a Jiffy. now only $1.69

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The Neon Bunghole

Neon Sign: The Bunghole.

Mint Green on pink base.

Photo Sourced from: 'nuff said by goodoldroute15

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Fantasy Factory

PHOTO SOURCED FROM: Fantasy Factory by think pretty

25c Peep Shows Neon sign.

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The original wardrobe malfunction

The original wardrobe malfunction
Originally uploaded by

Detail of a vintage match pack for Philadelphia's Leading Burlesque Theatre, The Bijou.

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Good Bye Peter Graves

Peter Graves
March 18, 1926 – March 14, 2010

Film and television actor Peter Graves passed away Sunday, March 14, 2010. Graves was born Peter Aurness in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1926. By the age of 16 he became a radio announcer and after spending two years in the Air Force, studied drama at the University of Minnesota before moving to Hollywood. He made his film debut in “Rogue River” in 1951 before being in Billy Wilder's “Stalag 17 .”

Switching between films and appearing on television he became renown for playing Jim Phelps in “Mission: Impossible.” Graves would go on to play Captain Clarence Oveur, the pilot in “Airplane!

In later years he had a small part in the “Mission: Impossible” revival series and as host of “Biography.” Graves died of a heart attack at his house in the coastal suburb of Pacific Palisades. He had returned home after attending a family brunch to celebrate his upcoming birthday on Thursday. He was 83 years of age.

Be A Magician!

BE A MAGICIAN! Easier than you think!
Get started today! Become a popular man of mystery. Earn and learn in spare time. Magic is fun and profitable too. Be the Life of the Party. Astonish your friends!

from: Popular Science Magazine - January 1962

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The Look You Want - When You Want It!

Vintage Ad #285: The Look You Want - When You Want It!
Originally uploaded by

You will be Amazed at the Exciting Change in your Personal Appearance!

See more Fantastic Mustaches

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You Scrappy Little Punk

Scrappy 16mm Movie
Originally uploaded by Neato Coolville

Scrappy 16mm Movies

Scrappy - Copyright 1931 by Screen Gems, Inc.

See the historical tribute site Scrappyland

Naked Lady Movie

Hedy Lamarr stars in Ecstasy, 1933.

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Free for Chubbies

Lane Bryant wants to sell clothes to Chubby-sized Girls.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

How To Hypnotize

Originally uploaded by

It's Easy To Hypnotize...

When you know how!
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