Monday, November 19, 2007

You'll like these Hot Buns

In preparation for the upcoming Thanksgiving festivities, the National Baking Institute is urging America to enjoy hot buns. Chef Scott Peecock, an Alabama Chef by way of Georgia says, "Your entire family will go wild when they see your hot buns this Thanksgiving".

However, some say that this year's crop may have more lead content than in past years. Floyd Pbvein, a metal toxicology specialist cautions, "This year, the Shiny Glaze has made its way from China to American store shelves. It's the shiny glaze that contains the problem." The Chinese glaze is similar to the glaze used in pottery, and it may contain traces of lead.

TSA officials have reported that the lead laced buns were first noticed in airport x-ray scanners. "At first we thought that explosives might be in the buns because on the x-ray screens, the lead buns look solid." After closer inspection it was determined that the only thing that these buns will explode is your waistline if you eat too many.

Health officials are urging Americans to enjoy their buns this holiday season, and steer clear of Chinese toppings and cookwear.

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Anonymous said...

I love Buns!

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