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VXX-FX "Monster Masks!" Ad, 2009

VXX-FX "Monster Masks!" Ad, 2009
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VXX-FX Masks

Some graphic work by Jason Willis for one of hisy favorite mask makers back in 2009 (many of these masks are no longer available). They do really cool and unique original designs as well as fresh pulls from vintage molds.

Wishing you a Merry Halloween

The Irrational will have its say
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Wishing you a Merry Halloween

The Bride of Frankenstein, 1935

The Monster Demands A Mate, 1935
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The Bride of Frankenstein, 1935. Carl Laemmle presents Karloff

Famous Monsters of Filmland, April 1959

Famous Monsters of Filmland #3, April 1959 offered on eBay

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mystic Comics No. 6 Oct 1941

1941 ... Mr. Fancy Pants!
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Mystic Comics number 6, October 1941
featuring 30 pages of the Destroyer, Enemy of Dictators.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Theodore Hall's Aerocar , 1947

Theodore Hall's Aerocar
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Science Et Vie
Illustration by Rene Ravo, February 1947.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

1950 Inside Soviet Tanks

1950 ... Soviet armor!
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Outstanding in number and effectiveness among the powerful ground armor used by North Korean forces in opening phases of the Korean war was the Russian standard medium tank, the T-34, whose identity was fully authenticated by a number of captured examples. In the foreground above and to the right are two illustrations of it, with one cut away to show the interior arrangement. The T-34 has been used by the Soviet army for nearly 10 years, with the most modern types radically improved by a different type turret, a heavier gun and carrying a crew of five instead of four. It weighs about 34 tons and has a V-type 500-horsepower diesel engine that gives it a speed of 30 miles an hour. A heavier tank, not yet officially confirmed as the Joseph Stalin III, also was reported in the early action. Shown in the background above, the Stalin is the standard Russian heavy tank and an example of it crowns the Soviet war memorial in Berlin. It is described as one of the most powerful tanks in existence, weighing 60 tons - about 10 more than either the General Patton or the British Centurion - and mounting a long-barreled 122-mm. gun

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Free Tokens from Downtown Paramount, Entertainment Center of L.A. forriders of the L.A. Transit Lines street cars and buses and PacificElectric local lines

Free Tokens from Downtown Paramount, Entertainment Center of L.A. for riders of the L.A. Transit Lines street cars and buses and Pacific Electric local lines
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Promotional bifold pamphlet informing passengers of the Los Angeles Transit Lines and local Pacific Electric Railway lines that a free token will be provided upon presentation of a transfer and and purchase of a ticket at the Paramount box office.

This item is from a collection of material donated by former employee Ed Vandeventer in 2011. Finding aid for this collection is at the Online Archive of California:

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Space Fury, 1960's, Henry Fox illus.

Electrifying Scientifiction, 1960's, Henry Fox Originally uploaded by paul.malon
Space Fury, 1960's,
Henry Fox illus.
R.L. Fanthorpe

The only man who could prove his identity was trapped in orbit.

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Travel-Living Value from Schult

Be A Long-Gone Daddy In A Schult, 1948  Originally uploaded by paul.malon

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100 Won NORTH KOREA 1978

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100 Won - 1978

Ice Box Cookie Cake Recipe

File Photo0014 Originally uploaded by File Photo

Yippee! A new grand dessert -
- Ice Box Cookie Cake so speedy-easy
with Jell-o Puddings and Pie Fillings and Nabisco's New Cocoanut Bars!

500 Tons of Bell System Equipment 1951

1951 ... lots of baggage!
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It takes 500 tons of equipment for just one telephone exchange. Bell Telephone System

Rooftop Rumble 1938 Girl Fight

Radio Pictures Chorus Girls
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Radio Pictures Chorus Girls 1938

Be a Wonder Wife

File Photo0051
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Serve delicious one dish dinners for 14 cents to 23 cents. Wonder Rice. Rice Recipes.
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