Sunday, September 20, 2009

Don't Pull Hair From Nose

May Cause Fatal Infection

Use the Hollis Klipette New Invention

You can cause serious infection as a result of pulling hair from the nose. Use of scissors is also dangerous and impractical. No better way to remove hair from nose and ears than with KLIPETTE. Smooth, gentle, safe, efficient. Rounded points can't cut or prick skin.

So Simple! Just turn the end. Surplus hair comes out easily, gently.

$1 Made fromfine Surgical Steel, Chromium plated-alsoin 24k. Gold Platein smart leather case at $3.50 (plus 70c Fed. Tax)

Guaranteed to Satisfy or Money Back

from Popular Science, September 1946

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Handcuffs for Boys

There is a great deal of wholesome fun and amusement to be derived from these Handcuffs. Although merely a toy, they are well and strongly made, with extremely simple mechanism, that can be slipped on and off in a moment. No key is required either to lock or unlock them. Just slip them over the wrists and you have your pal securely handcuffed. These Handcuffs stand for Law and Order and, in the hands of the boy, inspire him with respect for Civic Virtues.

No. 2752. Boys' Handcuffs. Price.. 50c

Handcuffs for Young Tuffs Originally uploaded to flickr by King Power Cinema

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Gorilla Out-Dances Human Female Partner

Before there was Dancing With The Stars, there was dancing with the Gorillas, circa 1927, produced by the ever cost conscious micro-media-mogul, Van Smith.

The micro studio, operating a stone's through Mack Sennett's tri-angle shaped studio in Los Angeles's Hyperion Valley, cranked out fifty-two 12 second film clips a day. Enough for a weekly release for the following year.

Audiences around the country looked forward to 12 seconds of madness each week.

Here's to Van Smith, Micro-Media-Moguls everywhere, and you!
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