Thursday, January 12, 2006

Sexy Alien Women work for peanuts, literally.

Alien Space Women are now posing for clothing catalogs on earth and earthling models cry foul! The Aliens have arrived, and they love peanuts. Fashion catalog producers have been quick to seize the opportunity to get some cheap labor who work as models in exchange for twenty pound bags of peanuts.

Morrey Klein, a talent co-ordinator for American One, the countries largest catalog production company said, "These are some of the most talented models we've ever worked with, and the fact that they have no interest in money, yet a huge interest in peanuts makes them my number one choice when I book models for our catalog shoots."

But earthling models say it's not fair for them nor fair to the new alien model girls. Christian Larpin, a shareholder and the sole director of Elite Models says, "I know earthling models are upset, but they should really get over it. In the world marketplace the mantra 'Bigger, Faster, Cheaper' is the rule, and these alien girls are happy to work for peanuts, which in turn allows our clients to save money and provide their fashions to the American public for less. It all trickles down and benefits all Americans.

This weekend, out of work models plan to stage sit-in protests in Macy's in New York City to protest the alien hiring practices of Macy's parent Federated Group.

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