Thursday, January 12, 2006

All you can eat McDonald's Diet

(Oak Brook, Illinois) - Despite McDonald's attempts to provide a more health conscience menu, American's still prefer the taste of a Big Mac over a Walnut Salad according to a recent study.

Twin sisters, Pixie and Trixie Packer tell us, "The salad is o.k., as long as you have few Big Macs to wash it down with"

McDonald's newly appointed chief executive, Jim Skinner, said in a recent conference call to shareholders that Americans have an almost addictive need to buy another Big Mac as soon as the taste of the thousand island dressing touches your tongue. Some say it's like legal cocaine.

This news has brought cheers from Wall Street as investors have seen a steady increase in profits that started shortly after corporate headquarters added a secret ingredient in the dressing.

Big Mac fans like Pixie and Trixie have switched over to an "All you can eat" Big Mac diet. The new fad diet allows you to eat an unlimited amount of Big Macs as long as you drink a Diet Coke with it. Pixie Packer said, "I think the Diet Coke is what balances out the meal, and counteracts the fat."

Rivals Burger King and Jack in the Box are poised to offer similar diets later next month.

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