Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Ruth Buzzi and the 1970 Lincoln-Continental

The 1970 Lincoln Continental.
Because Ruth Buzzi expects no less.

Until Ruth Buzzi had driven it herself, she could not fully appreciate the first altogether new Lincoln Continental in nearly a decade. 
Its impressive new style was immediately apparent to Ruth. So is the  distinctive new styling that caught her stylish eye. But above all, Lincoln Continental makes this the year of Ruth Buzzi's comfort.
Ruth Buzzi's Comfort is the result of many innovations. A longer wheelbase. The widest stance on the road today. The industries largest driveshaft, rubber cussioned so that Ruth wont feel vibrations. The 4-coil spring suspension that keeps Ruth's ass planted deeply in the latex foam padding. And the remarkable deep-breathing 460 cubic-inch engine, which is so smooth Ruth is barely aware she's driving a car at 120 miles per hour.

Discover Ruth Buzzi's Comfort. Test drive the Lincoln Continental at your Lincoln-Mercury dealer.

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