Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cooking and Driving with Gasoline

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In what might look like an accident waiting to happen, little Jimmy Williams of Kankakee, Illinois has resurrected a long forgotten method of powering automobiles... with gasoline!

Today we use gasoline for cooking and cleaning greasy messes in the kitchen, but way back in the last century gasoline was used to power cars. Later, steam was used to power cars, and gas powered vehicles were largely forgotten.

In recent history, steam reserves were diminished around the globe and the price of steam has skyrocketed.

Enter Jimmy Williams, a studious little fella who entered the Kankakee Science Fair with his idea of bringing back gasoline powered automobiles in an effort to take the country back from the steam hoarding Ayatollahs of the Mid East.

Jimmy Williams explains. "This country has huge oil reserves that have been sitting untapped since the Spanish War. Most of that oil was going to be refined into gasoline for use in cleaning mess halls of our military bases, but after a Senator from New York made a sweetheart deal with Prestige Brands of New York and the Pentagon's Cleaning Authority, gasoline was deemed dangerous for use in sensitive areas. Shortly after, Comet Cleanser was found in mess halls from Guam to Diego Garcia, and Gasoline was out. Now we find ourselves sitting on a huge supply of oil that could power automobiles for the next 10 years."

Interestingly, Jimmy also sells an eBook that illustrates how a steam powered engine can easily be converted to run on gasoline with parts readily available from the plumbing section of your local hardware store.

Jimmy Williams, we salute you, and we thank you for being a true American hero.

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